Eletrical insulting blanket

Electrical insulating blanket is a versatile protection of the staff from inadvertent contact with live electrical conductors and circuits. It prevents also short-circuits in electrical installation.

Our article EIP0-1,5x0 is certified as per IEC 61112:2009 for class 0, categories A (acid resistant) and Z (ozone resistant).

Our electrical insulating matting is certified as per IEC 61111:2009 for classes 0; 2; 3 and 4.

Marking of the matting is done by precuring a lengthwise marking tape covering the entire roll length. This way of marking is durable and unerasable.


Material: high grade rubber compound

Surface: cloth impression

Standard colour: orange

Bottom side: cloth impression

Thickness: 1,5 mm (+/- 0,2) 



standard: 1000 mm; 1200 mm (-0/+20)

maximum: 1200 mm (-0/+20)


standard: 10 m; 20 m

maximum: 30 m

Basic weight: abt. 1,6 kg/m2

Marking: durably precured marking tape

Package: rolls

Certified to IEC 61112:2009 for Class 0 Categories A & Z (resistant to acids and ozone)

The insulating matting is subject to a high tension control on our test table.

Package: rolls in a standard width 1 m or 1,2 m (not more 1,4 m), standard length 10 m or cut into sheets.

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