Patterned rubber floorings

Rubber flooring is a traditional material suitable for use everywhere there is a risk of slipping.

Their shaped surface ensures safe walking in warehouses, public places, handling areas and loading platforms, sport halls, ice stadiums, fairgrounds etc.

It is durable, easy to maintain, quick and easy to install.

Our flooring is produced in several finishes that differ in their properties and application:

Basic flooring:

It is produced on SBR and NR rubber base in compliance with EN 14041:2004. The basic finish is intended for indoor use with no aggressive impacts. Thanks to our unique technology the hardness of the basic finish is 80 Shore which ensures its high size and dimension stability as well as resistance to mechanical damage. Owing to that, it is characterized by a long life-time, which consequently saves the cost for our customers.

Oil proof flooring:

Being produced on NBR rubber base, it is intended for contact with mineral oils (line NBR45), petrol and iso-octanes (higher line NBR72).

Heat resistant flooring:

The EPDM synthetic rubber base provides this finish with resistance to high temperatures, weathering, UV exposure, acids and bases. It is suitable for outdoor use. Available in 80 Shore (line EPDM95) and 60 Shore (line EPDM15) hardness.

Hardly flammable flooring:

This finish is available for the round stud flooring S-8. To EN 13501 it is classified as a hardly flammable building material in Cfl-s1 class.


Application: hardly flammable
Color: black
Thickness: 4 mm
Basic weight: 4,9 kg/

 Data sheet

Surface – available profiles:

  • Fine ribbed profiles S-2, S-5 a S-7. Available in the basic, oilproof and heat resistant finish;
  • Wide ribbed profiles S-1, S-4 a S-6. Available in the basic, oilproof and heat resistant finish;
  • Round stud profile S-8 with an increased wear resistance in the basic finish. Available in the basic, oilproof, heat resistant and hardly flammable finish.

Bottom side – options:

  • Cloth impression – a standard option that enhances the adhesiveness to the ground;
  • Smooth finish;
  • Precured cloth ply – enables using ecological water dispersed glue.

The standard colour of our flooring is black. The basic finish is available also in grey, green and blue. Our flooring is made exclusively from full-value raw materials. It contains neither reclaimed rubber nor waste oils. Therefore it meets also the requirements of such demanding customers as the producers of car accessories.

The basic package form are rolls in 10 m length.

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