Rotocured rubber sheeting

Rotocured rubber sheeting is a semiproduct used for manufacturing various sealing and dumping segments in a wide range of sectors.
Sheeting is produced on various rubber bases. The specific compound characteristics determine the chemical properties of the sheeting grades as well as their physical-mechanical properties.

Rubbers sheeting for general use:

A low cost option for applications where no special resistance to negative medium impacts is required. Made on SBR or CR/SBR rubber bases. Some grades are available also in grey, green, blue and white colours besides black.

Rubber sheeting for mechanical stress:

An SBR grade with an enhanced tensile strength. Not resistant to aggressive medium impacts.


Oilproof rubber sheeting:

Being produced on NBR rubber base the oilproof sheeting is purposed for contact with mineral oils, petrol and iso-octanes.


Heat resistant sheeting:

We have several EPDM-based grades of rotocured sheeting differing in physical-mechanical properties. Generally said, they are characterized by resistance to high temperatures, weathering, UV exposure, acids and bases. They are appropriate for outdoor applications.


Food grade sheeting:

Our food rubber grade is available in white colour and is based on EPDM. It meets the requirements of the article 3 of Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.



A highly strong and highly elastic sheeting. Being based on natural rubber it provides also an enhanced wear resistance. We produce two PARA grades, one of them having a density under 1 g/cm3 which means it is lighter than water.


Wear proof  sheeting:

Being based on NR, SBR and BR rubbers it provides a very high tensile strength and an abrasion of 120 mm3.


Soundproofing grade:

This self-extinguishing rubber grade provides acoustical properties considered as noise barriers. It is not purposed for mechanical stress.


Appliance: oilproof – Colour: black – Strength (MPa): 3  Elongation (%): 200 – Hardness (ShA): 65 – Temperature range (˚C): -25/+80 – Density (g/cm³): 1,65 – Rubber base: NBR-SBR

 Data sheet


Appliance: oilproof – Colour: black – Strength (MPa): 8 – Elongation (%):250 – Hardness (ShA): 70 – Temperature range (˚C): -25/+80 – Density (g/cm³): 1,30 – Rubber base: NBR-SBR

 Data sheet

We concentrate on special-purposed sheeting. Such grades as NBR 7672 resistant to petrol and isooctanes, heat resistant EPDM grades, highly strong and elastic PARA rubber 7659 or wear resistant quality 7750 have been constantly in great favour of our customers.

We proudly present our latest products: lighter-than-water pararubber grade 7742, white-coloured food grade 7816 and soundproofing self-extuingishing sheeting 9001.

Most grades are produced in thickness from 1 to 15 mm.
 in rolls, standard width 1,2 m or 1,4 m.
Length: 5 m, 10 m or 20 m as per thickness of the sheeting.

The sheeting can be pure or inserted with 1-2 textile layers.

Surface is smooth on both sides. For thicknesses up to 6 mm a one-side cloth impression is available. On demand we let the rolls cut into sheets and shapes as per customer´s need.

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